Friday, September 28, 2012

Featured Blog on Crafthaus: Angelina & Tammy

Tammy's blog was featured on Crafthaus' along with her CSULB alumni Angelina (AKA Aficionado) who works with Michael Schmidt studio. Angelina's daytime job is very exciting, she has made work for many celebrities including one of my favorite K-pop stars 2NE1. Keep up the good work Angelina! We shall radiate our shine with love of CSULB metals crew, go team!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Personal Map

The first two semesters of grad school was filled with feeling of displacement that derived from homesickness. It lingered through out the entire year, it's not that I missed Torrance & Long Beach by moving out to San Diego, but it was a mixture of a decade-worth nostalgia of my home town. Thus, I began to trace back to my childhood memories and places that I missed so I began to investigate map of Torrance, CA. I highlighted places that contained fond memories, such as favorite restaurants, schools that I attended, houses that I lived and other personal locations.

Personal Map neckpiece is collapsible, it can match up with the map laid down flat.

Personal Map 2011

Form, Forge & Fabricate


Send away for upcoming exhibition "Form, Forge & Fabricate" @ Illinois

Friday, September 7, 2012


Drum roll please... because you are about to see brand new work from graduate school. From last month I've been uploading posts of my undergraduate work hoping to catch up I can finally release the recent work. 

I came to San Diego State University last year, the first two semesters have been very challenging. The battle of grad school was pretty tough. From adjusting in the new environment to trying to wrap my head around what I am going to do... Many times I felt disoriented in every angle and felt very depressed but I think I pushed through! I felt the change since I arrived here, from my work to personality... I have challenged myself to experiment and do things that were out of my zone/uncomfortable. 

From today fresh work photos will be posted, sorry it took so long but it's been a rough year!

I'm pleased to say that this semester of fall 2012 will be different. I feel much better about it, am very (VERY) excited for all the classes that I am taking, I just feel the difference! I haven't felt this for more than a year, this exhilarating feeling is finally back!

This piece was created last year of Fall 2011 under Seth Papac's class. This piece still shows tight construction like my undergrad's work. 

Hierarchy 2011