Saturday, January 5, 2013

Gem Table Update

On our last update I have test-cut the joinery on CNC machine to ensure the fitting of the table legs with its base. Since then I have made a minor adjustments on the design of the joinery design for a invisible fit. After checking my file and have set the tool paths, it's time to cut the actual pieces of this Gem Table project on the CNC machine!
Using the smallest round bit
the first layer (engraving) has been cut
Finished view of the engraving
After changing the small bit to a bigger router bit, the real cutting begins as the machine cuts the table top and the legs.

After the CNC machine has cut each pieces, the bottom edges are rough from the machine thus hand clean up is necessary. The photo above shows pretty clean edges since it's the top view. At the wood shop, I have filed and slightly beveled the edges; now they look prettier than before :)

They are ready to be assembled!
Using a mallet I have gently hammer down four legs to the base, half way open so that I can fit the table top and the ring on the top portion of the table. Carefully hammering four sides, I have "prong set" the table top and the ring.
A view to show the legs and its base
"Prong set" table top
The Gem Table has been assembled successfully~