Friday, August 31, 2012

Set of Tension-Set Rings

These tension set rings were from casting class with MDB. Carving wax was pretty fun, I choose minimal design to create pairs. Stone setting was a technique that I was always interested in and I wanted to try tension setting. 
Carved wax models

Getting sprued up!

Casting came out pretty well

Laying out a stone before tension setting
Untitled (Set of tension-set rings) 2009

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Skin Regiment


Forming each bowls on the mushroom stake

Creating divot on the wood stand so each bowls can stand right up

Skin Regiment 2010
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Monday, August 27, 2012


Ladle project was super fun. Started with very thick gauged copper sheet, raised and planished to the finished product!

Ladle 2010
Refining the smooth surface was the most exciting and satisfying of all time! Polishing wheel with 3M pad, o I love thee!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

NICHE Winner 2011 and submission for 2013!

Back in 2011, I was very thankful that I was chosen as the winner of Niche Awards in sculptural wear category. I really want to give special thanks to all my metal buddies and faculties at CSULB, without their support I wouldn't stand where I am today. Thank you guys! So for this upcoming year of 2013 I was encouraged to apply, I'll be applying for the same category for those who are wondering. The pieces that I submitted... are going to surprise for now but they will be revealed later! They are NEW work that I finished last semester as a graduate student. I began to incorporate paper in my work and I really enjoyed working with it. So to be continued... I'm anxious to hear back in couple months, wish me luck! 
2011 Niche Winner in sculptural wear  

Detail of the hinge
Different view of the each pierced sides of the bracelet

Friday, August 24, 2012

New space, new bench, new studio

New space, new city, new studio :)

As this summer of 2012, I already completed my first year as graduate student @ SDSU! Now 2 more years to go! With awesome graduate students/faculty around me I shall make more art! I'm pretty excited for this upcoming semester. With upcoming Rhino CAD class I'll be making some cool stuff; I am darn stoked about it.
My studio bench on 2nd semester (last semester)
SDSU campus is very beautiful, on my way to the studio I see so many beautiful flowers and plants. Not that I get enough in Cali but San Diego has so much variety! Love them.
Little pal @ SDSU campus,
he greets you!
One thing I cannot mention enough about San Diego is their awesome 4 star dinning culture with microbrew selection! Craft beers = many microbrew companies down here in SD, from Stones to AleSmith you name it. I never run out to try different beers. With my love for Porters and Stouts, IPA's to ales...One more big reason to love this city :) 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

El Creamer continues... (part 2)

Taping off to create hammer texture
Heat patina color was more grey and yellowish tone
but I waited to oxidize/to change colors and sealed them.
El Creamer 2010
Detail view of hammered texture
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El Creamer (part 1)

Paper model & copper body layout
It's time to raise more!
Soldered the seam and annealing to reshape the body
O look like he's trying to tell something :)
"It's me!"
It's getting there!
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